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What are FFTW Jr. and FFTW Mini?

Food for the Worm Jr. is a reading subscription box for kids aged 5-10. We offer an early chapter book box.

Food for the Worm Mini is a book box for kids ages 3+. We offer a picture book box.

What age are FFTW Jr / Mini for?

Jr. boxes are intended for ages 5-10, while Mini boxes work well for anyone aged 3 and up.

How long are the books?

The picture books in the Mini subscription are around 32 pages (the average for picture books). The early chapter books in our Jr. subscription range from 80-150 pages.

What if I already own the book?

While we try to include books that are not well known, there is always the possibility that you may already own the book. While we do not accept returns, Little Free Libraries are great homes for duplicate books.

What payments do you accept?

We accept Paypal and Venmo.

How do I return my box?

We do not accept returns nor do we give refunds.

Can I just get one FFTW Jr. or FFTW Mini box?

As our younger kid subscriptions are limited editions of Food for the Worm, they’re only available a few times a year. For the summer subscriptions, we only offer 3-month subscriptions.

How do local deliveries work?

On the first weekend of the month, the worm (Greta) will drop the box on your doorstep. Due to COVID-19, please wait until we have left your porch before picking up the box.

When does my Food for the Worm Jr. box arrive?

We deliver our local boxes on the first weekend of the month. We mail the boxes to our shipping customers sometime during the first week of the month.

What about gifting Food for the Worm Jr.?

If you want to give Food for the Worm Jr. as a gift, we would be glad to include a personalized note for the recipient. Also, if you’re sending it as a holiday gift, we can package the box discreetly.

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