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Nathaniel Fludd Map Tutorial

Nathaniel Fludd’s parents were mapmakers. Here is how Greta made her map!

  1. Lay out your map on a scrap piece of paper. Think about what you want your map to show. Is it of a made-up town or where you live? Try including your house , your friends’ houses, playgrounds, and maybe even your school or a camp (be sure to label them). Personalize the buildings. I added a bunny to my house. Add anything you want!

2. Once you have a layout that you like, copy it on to your cardstock. Leave room for your compass rose and your signature! It’s okay to edit your map if you want.

3. After you have a good copy, colour it in. You can outline everything in pen or Sharpie before colouring, if you want.

4. Sign your name and draw your compass rose. You can write your name in a fancy way, or decorate your compass rose. Be creative!

5. Enjoy your map! If you made a map of your town, try using it to find your way around. If your map is of a made up place, try creating a town like the one you drew out of blocks or Legos.

We would love to see your finished maps! Ask a parent to email a photo to us at


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